21 Mar. 2015



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Toro is an incredibles a drummer at heart, and drums for the two man indie rock band “Monroe” when he’s not producing EDM. Along with his drumming habits his music is also very much inspired by video games. This is why many of his songs are named after ideas in video games, and also why there is a strong use of chiptune elements in the songs as well. Surely his fantastic use of precision and intricate drum fills helps to set him apart, along with his great melodies, progressions, and enticing sound.

Toro built a strong fan base“I’m just gonna make content I enjoy creating and hope it’s good enough for other people.” artist representing Hartlepool, UK. His strong upbringing around music has helped shaped him as a producer. He i and reputation within a year of his debut on Magnum Records! He’s caught the attention of Most Addictive Network,, and even Armada Music who sought to put “Splash Damage” on their “Armada Electro” compilation album.

His music truly exhibits what an imaginative and staggering artist he is. Each one of his songs is a unique journey that emits a specific emotion. Toro crafts the kind of music that needs to be explored and not listened to only. The kind of music that always mystifies and inspires. All of his music is uniquely and unquestionably his. Toro’s memorable mark on the industry is a permanent one.


“After his breathtaking release of “Groznyj Grad” a few weeks back on Electro.NET, Toro put himself on the map gaining fans and building hype for himself. With his newest release of “Splash Damage”, he definitely rises to the occasion and is back for more.”


“What a talent this lad has got. I love it”

 Ice Lolly Monster


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