22 Jun. 2015



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M∆IRA (pronounced like Mara) is a beautiful and talented musician from Nashville, Tennessee. She is the first in-house singer/producer on Magnum Records. This young woman is truly multi-talented as she can not only write lyrics, but she can sing, produce/compose, play musical instruments, and write music. It’s almost as if she carries the essence of music in her.

Focusing on Trip Hop, Ja​zz, R&B​, and Soul, M∆IRA seeks to invoke and express emotions on a deep and perhaps spiritual level. She loves to perform and create songs that cause progressive thought to benefit the listener in any way. Old music to calm down, deep breaths and smells of lavender sooth me. Her soft voice is wonderfully soothing and elegant. It’s also intimate in nature which lowers the guard of the listener allowing the music to ease through. It is easy to see how M∆IRA maximizes the effect and strength of her voice with a variety of vocal influences such as Sky Ferreira, Kimbra, and Imogen Heap.

Her music speaks volumes about her as a spiritual and open spirit. She can make stunning music that really helps her to express her ideas, thoughts, and emotions since she can both sing and produce. She’s more than willing to collaborate with other artists even as an excellent solo act.

– Photocredit to Brennan McKissick ( link)

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