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GEOTHEORY is a talented artist that’s from New York, New York. This 18-year-old is a creative whirlwind that unleashes thought-provoking music with good vibes. His music stylings and ear for great for producing He first stepped onto the scene dynamically at age 15 under the monicker ‘HYPER NOVA’. As ‘Hyper NOVA’ he slung fire with songs like “Comfort Zone”, “Spooky Nova”, and the legendary, “Hipstep”.

Over the years GEOTHEORY played…All my songs are an expression of my emotions and thoughts.” around with many different styles under various pseudonyms. As “unparalleled” he produced soothing soundscapes that a listener can dissolve in. As “Exo” & “Astromance” hecranked out deep, heavy-hitting bass music that cut the air with the perfect blend of wet and sharp sounds. His “Future Japan” brand, his sound, was finally a reality after honing his craft and a little self discovery.

Now GEOTHEORY is making the most of his original sound, whether he’s kicking it with the “Flow-Fam” or going solo! It’s clear to see that GEOTHEORY is going above and beyond with his music. With support from and releases on Inspected, Nest HQ, Moving Castle, SYZYGY, and more, Geotheory is going to continue to make waves in the industry.


” It’s also cool that he jumped into the production world with almost all originals. No Tinashe reworks, no moombah 2.0 vibes — although there’s nothin’ wrong with those; pretty much all I listen to these days are dancehall remixes of “2 On” tbh — just pure GEOTHEORY. “

 Fan Fiction, NEST HQ

” …his progressive sound pushes further towards the unknown with each track. “

–  Sean J. Grannum, Artistic Manifesto

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