22 Jun. 2015



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Construction worker by day, beat constructor by night. Euphony is a master when it comes to creating intoxicating melodies, designing thumping drum patterns, and building captivating songs. He not only has a strong comprehension of what makes a great composition as he has a amazing execution to make create great compositions. He once attended Dubspot, the music production and DJ school. His production skills were so adept that even a few teachers learned from him and used his projects to teach the class. Euphony left Dubspot as he felt hindered and wanted to get his career going. Despite his strength and time as a producer and musician Euphony is still breaking into the industry as a great up-and-coming act.

Euphony has been welcomed to many record labels including Solstice Records & Strong Minds Records as traverses through the industry. He is a versatile and talented producer capable of creating various kinds of music. “…The only fixer is a mixer.” Euphony’s music has a variety of influences such as the music of Nintendo games, artists like J Dilla, Deadmau5, and Flying Lotus, and even the EDM and Hip Hop cultures. There is a hint of urban/hip hop influence in much of his music which certainly adds to his unique sound.  Euphony always puts in his best work whether he’s creating soft vibes to chill to in songs like “From Time (feat. M∆IRA), or creating high velocity tracks to get you moving in songs such as “Studio Killers – Jenny (Euphony Remix)”!


” Euphony is known for genre-defying melodies and electro-infused beats – and now he’s taking his style to the next level with some massive talent.”

 James, EDM Sauce

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