Anth M
22 Mar. 2015

Anth M


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Anth M is a legendary artists who has yet to reach his prime. This producer and DJ from Arlon, Belgium has always created such above and beyond music. Originally he started off as a drum and bass producer. He created incredible liquid drum and bass tracks that garnered the support of great promotion networks such as Majestic DNB, Liquid Musick, and even Liquicty. He has a strong legacy in the drum and bass world but he wanted to redefine himself as artist and create a new legacy.

To redefine his new  “I’ll try to bring good tunes” “Anth M” sound he turned to a unique style of electronic music.   The international producer made a powerful re-introduction with his track “Getaway” which was proudly released by Magnum Records.  His songs”Paradox” and “Vision” followed suit, keeping his overall vocal stylings and remaining casually chill.

Anth M is in a comfortable position. He already had a great run with intelligent drum and bass, and now he’s redefined his music and himself on his new journey. He’s grown stronger after exploring his sound and pushing past his limits. His current state is a musical nirvana so to speak. With confidence he’s creating new music of various genres, and even throwing some drum and bass in the mix. He’s an artist that never forgets his roots. Expect nothing short of greatness from Anth M.


” I think a lot of you are already familiar with Anth M his soulful drum & bass tunes “

 Liquid Musick

” I haven’t felt so relaxed in ages, Thanks Anth M. “

–  Liquicity

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