magnum |ˈmagnəm|
noun (pl. magnums)
a thing of a type that is larger than normal

About Magnum Records

Magnum Records (Magnum) is an independent record label that was started in 2012. The label started off releasing electronic dance music (EDM) with mainstream-esque sounds and genres. However as the talented artists grew and developed, so did the style of the label and the style of the music the label releases. Magnum Records is now a truly unique label with an equally unrivaled collective of great artists.

A label of and for the artists is one of our and most important defining characteristics. Magnum Records focuses on building the careers of brilliantly creative artists and reinforcing their distinct sounds. Magnum Record ensures the success of its artists because we enjoy seeing careers grow and achievements reached.

Magnum Records does everything bigger and better as the name suggests. Why? Because Magnum Records has a dedicated team willing to push our own boundaries and limits. There is no other label our size that’s doing what we’re doing at the quality we’re doing it at. There is also no other label our size that obtains the organic reach of fans and listeners that we reach. Magnum Records is a label that’s proud of what we do.

Our Goals

The main goal of Magnum Records is simple: to be a powerful EDM record label with amazing artists that releases music that astounds, and invokes experiences.
The label aims to head the industry as an outlet of forward-thinking and dance-evoking music. We strive to have a positive influence on not only our listeners, but on the whole industry. It is our desire for people to not only listen to our music, but to have an enjoyable experience despite the emotional nature the content may have.

Our goals are only obtainable through the collective efforts of the artists, the management, the network, and of course our wonderful fans. Magnum Records is thankful for anyone involved with our journey.